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  • Securing your Gold Coast Home During the Holiday Season

    Holiday time might be holiday time for the kids, but it’s not holiday time for crooks looking to take advantage of poor home security. In fact the summer holidays at the peak time for burglars with so many homes missing their normal residents. Here are some things to keep in mind.

    1. Install quality locks and doors. Your doors, locks and window security are all about making it as hard as possible for a would be burglar to gain access, and if they do, to open the large doors at all to prevent removal of large valuable items. That means quality deadlocks, window locks and solid doors should be installed.
    2. Mosquito screens or mesh doors are not security doors. A locked wire screen or mosquito net door or window provides virtually no defence against an intruder. Only true security doors and windows should be treated as security doors, wire mesh and mosquito netting doors are to stop mosquitos only, not burglars.
    3. Going away? No need to mention it one Facebook or tweet about it. You don’t need to advertise to potential crooks that your home is ripe for the robbing. The same applies for wedding announcements telling the world you got married, and are now going on a honeymoon for 3 weeks….
    4. Lock Up. You’d be surprised how many people in their rush to get on their holiday forget to lock all doors, windows and garage doors. A neighbour of mine laughed how he accidentally left his front door ajar, let alone unlocked for 3 weeks whilst he was away and nothing happened. He was lucky, most people aren’t.
    5. No Keys under the mat. That’s the first place a burglar is going to look, then under the pot plants. If you must leave a key out, be more inventive than that.
    6. The shed. Often contains easily saleable, hard to trace valuables like mowers and tools. Some burglars specialise in sheds just for that reason.
    7. Consider renting out your Gold Coast House through Airbnb. Why? So many reasons. Firstly, you get paid. Secondly, it’s better to have someone in your home making it clear to would be thieves that your house in not unoccupied. Short term tenants will collect mail, put out the garbage etc. Sure, you need to check references, take deposits etc. but on the Gold Coast it’s often both profitable and a security benefit.
    8. Trim your trees, give the hedges a haircut. Your garden should show an attentive home owner, but not limit visibility to your home’s entry points. Lack of visibility to your home’s entry points I what crooks are looking for, so they can break in without being disturbed.
    9. Consider a security alarm. An alarm that is ringing in the ears of a burglar is going to make them think twice about continuing to search through your house for your valuables.
    10. If you must leave your home empty, make it look lived in. Organise a neighbour or a service to mow the lawn, collect the mail, and park a car in the driveway occasionally. An old locksmith’s trick is to make sure some old shoes are left out the front. No one goes away and leaves shoes out right?
    11. Get home and contents insurance. Photograph all your items, keep your receipts as well. This will make things easier if you ever have to make a claim. A walk through with a video camera or phone noting all the items of value is also a great idea. (Just don’t load it to YouTube with your address!)
    12. Don’t make it too tempting. Got yourself a new 140cm TV, PlayStation 4 etc. and have them sitting in the lounge room, curtains open for all to see? Kids got a habit of leaving their new bikes or toys out alone in the front yard? Bad idea.
    13. Get a hidden home safe. They are affordable and great for securing valuables like jewellery. Plenty of our Gold Coast clients have left the valuable jewellery at home rather than risk losing it on holidays, only to find it missing on their return. A hidden safe is a great way to secure such items.
    14. Be a good neighbour. Be prepared to help your neighbours whilst they are away, and in turn they will likely do the same.
    15. Let us check things over.  Not sure if you are secure or not? We can check all locks, weak points, likely entry points etc,  We can ensure your house is properly secured, install quality locks, security alarms and even safes.  Don’t leave it till the last minute, call us today on for a full home security inspection.