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  • No breakin stories today but another breakout one.  My new client has a 3 year old son with what I will call “Compulsive climbing Syndrome” It’s a fairly benign syndrome which mainly effects boys or girls under the age of 5. It’s difficult to diagnose the syndrome in children by physical examination, though they tend to have muscular, wiry bodies and are often seen sporting huge mischievous grins.

    In this case, what had started out as a bit of fun encouraged by a proud dad who saw his toddler’s extreme climbing skills as a wonderment…quickly turned to exasperation when he realised Mr 3 could climb any pool fence and take himself off for a swim.  Mr 3 was a strong swimmer…. But you don’t want a 3 year old boy swimming unsupervised.

    He had different techniques depending on the fence type.  He used his toes like prehensile fingers when climbing your average back yard pole style pool fence.  These were his bread and butter.  Glass fences like the one in his backyard posed little more of a challenge but only barely. He simply climbed the gate using the edge of the gate for leverage. My client said he’d considered a roll of barbwire being placed on top of the fence things or maybe putting me 3 in a cage things ahd come so far. (He laughed when saying these things… and I am pretty sure he was not 100% serious).

    My job was to find a less extreme solution.

    The solution was the house’s locking system. The only way to access the pool was through the back door. The pool fence was blocked on the side by a locked garage one side the house on the other with another property out the back.  So all we needed to do was secure that backdoor.

    It need to be secure…but also fire safe.  We COULD install a dead lock high up the door and require a key to unlock it… but a locking deadlocks and removing keys when inside the house is a fire safety hazard and is to be avoided.  Instead we killed two birds with one stone.

    1. I installed keyless locks on the front and back doors. Access to the house could now be accessed by a pin.
    2. The back door was set to require the pin be entered from the inside as well as the outside to open the door. (Usually they are set only on the outside) Mr 3 was not to be given the pin!
    3. It the event of a fire, the keyless lock would unlock so it did not come with the safety issues of a locked deadlock with no keys.

    My new client also got the added benefit of never having to lock his house again.  With the system used he was able to connect it to the GPS in his smart phone so the house locks/unlocks itself when he comes and goes. (It can also be manually locked/unlocked by using the keypad)


    An unintended benefit of the system according to my new client is better monitoring of Mr 17’s nocturnal habits.  Mr 17 has a 1.00am curfew on Friday and Saturday nights but since no one likes to wait up that late to check he is in there was suspicion he was flaunting the rules.  Mr 17 was given his own entry code and his home times were now logged for all to see.

    Ah technology.