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  • One of my most recent clients was a family who had migrated from France. They had moved into a semidetached house and rang me about an emergency security problem and asked me to come over right away.  Their English was pretty good, but there was a lot of background noise and I couldn’t quite work out what the emergency was… but it put some hustle on and got there in under twenty minutes.

    I was expecting to find a door kicked in, a key broken off in a lock with groceries baking in the car of some other “We need you here NOW” kind of emergency…. but as it turns out, it was just a cultural emergency.

    You see here in Australia we take our security a little bit for granted.  Yes, we lock up to various degrees when we go out… but if we are home?  Especially if its summer and its hot?  Windows are often left open and houses are not secured.  In major cities in Europe this is unheard of.  Front doors are full security doors, windows are not only lockable if you are on the ground floor, or even ground and a half your windows also have security shutters.  Windows can both either open(inwards) or be tipped inwards… so you can leave your windows ajar to let the heat out…. But the window itself is not really open.

    When they first moved in they thought the mosquito screens were security screens till someone accidentally pushed one out..  They were horrified that all this time they’d been sleeping with the windows open and only a thin piece of gauze for their protection.  Generally speaking, houses and units don’t have mosquito screens in Northern Europe – just not enough mosquitos to worry about.

    So!  What to do?  Fair enough they were used to a higher level of security, and I was not about to argue that they shouldn’t worry about these things.  As a locksmith I Know PLENTY of houses are burgled during the day or night with the occupant’s home either distracted or asleep.

    So I discussed with them options and installed.

    1. Motion operated lights so that anyone approaching the house would turn on a light. 
    2. On the exterior of the house I installed one that would flash red when activated giving the impression a silent alarm had been tripped. This light could easily be reset from inside the house.
    3. Security windows all round and proper lockable windows.

    They already had an intruder alarm( a black fluffy barking ball of house guarding, menacing ferocious Pomeranian) so they decided against a full alarm system.

    Most burglaries on the Gold Coast are crimes of opportunity.  If you are a crook, looking to make a quick easy, buck you are want to going to be in an and out fast, with as low risk as possible.  To secure your house all you really need to do is to not be as tempting as the house next door, and make a burglary seem comparatively more risky.

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