• The name says it all. Who wouldn’t want to visit a place whose very name suggests something shiny, expensive and beautiful? The truth is though that many attractive sounding places don’t live up to their names and leave tourists with a lot of regrets to take home. How will Australia’s Gold Coast fare? Whether you are simply one of those persons who loves learning about different places and cultures or are someone looking for your next vacation destination, the Gold Coast is an interesting city to visit. Here are a few amazing facts that will have you searching for your Gold Coast local guide by the time you’re done reading.

    Let’s start where everyone starts- the statistics. Located on the East Coast of Australia, the Gold Coast has some 70km of coastline making it ideal for most kinds of excursions. With a land mass of 5000 square kilometers and population of about 620,000 (as of 2015), it is the 6th largest city in Australia. Climate wise, the city has approximately 287 days of sunshine with a temperature range of 19-29 degrees Celsius (66-83 F) making it fall under the sub-tropical climate.

    Aside from being known as the paradise of Australia mostly because of the large stretch of coastline giving tourists ample sun, sand and water to enjoy, the Gold Coast is also covered by different kinds of forests. From rainforests to mangroves and eucalypt forests, the diversity gives way to a wide range of wildlife. Koalas, dingoes, bilbies, dunnarts are among the unique animals that inhabit these forests.
    The city boasts about 10,000 hectares of natural reserves and world Heritage Sites including a Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary which is in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s first and largest Koala Sanctuary. Home to 130 Koalas and with over 85 years’ experience, this sanctuary is definitely a nugget of gold in the city. These nature tours are perfect for families and offer a variety of adventure to fit kids of all ages so that nobody feels left out.

    Amusement parks also abound giving tourists a golden plated adrenaline rush adventure. From extreme waterslides to family friendly dolphin shows, the Gold Coast satisfies your wildest dreams. Another interesting themed park is the Tropical Fruit World where one can discover more than 500 varieties of some of the most exotic fruits in the world. Now if that isn’t unique, I don’t know what is.

    The Gold coast isn’t all about fun and adventure though. Food lovers can enjoy the endless array of creative restaurants with even more creative menus. Located in Hooker Boulevard lies the Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant. To put you at ease, no, blood is not in the menu but instead guests enjoy a thrilling dinner with horrific displays to make you scream your lungs out. The faint of heart can instead make their way to the many ocean view restaurants that serve fresh seafood like prawns and scallops.
    The Gold Coast is like a mine with so much to offer, you can only collect a few nuggets at a time. Whatever change you have to visit this beautiful city, grab it! The only thing you will regret is having to leave.

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