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  • Burglars casing a ground floor apartment in Surfers Paradise

    We did a full apartment security overhaul for a young couple this week in Surfers Paradise this week. They’d had a scare, and wanted some more security. This is what happened.

    They’d just had a baby(3 weeks old, pretty as a picture) and new dad had taken a few weeks off work to help out at home. They were living in a ground floor apartment.

    Young mom was in the shower, little miss 3 weeks old was asleep, young dad was reading the paper.

    Someone rang the buzzer and thinking it was a friend coming over to see the new baby, new dad hit the entry button without asking who it was then walked out into the foyer to greet them. Instead of the expected friend, he was greeted by two youngish guys, tattoos, bad teeth and poor personal hygiene. Very suspicious. These guys were not from Federal Express, and it was no likely they were coming over to congratulate anyone on having a baby.

    When our new client enquired what they wanted… one of them asked if “The Asian guy Mike still lives here?” When Mr young dad raised a confused eyebrow and asked Mike who… one of the guys smiled apologetically, suggested they must have the wrong place, maybe Mike has moved and they’d be on their way.

    Now Mr new dad was no fool and realised his home was being cased. Had he not been home things might have gone a different way. Wife in the shower, no answer to the doorbell… these crooks might have thought no one was home and broken in through a window. Anything might have happened at that point. So he called All Coast Locksmiths in to see what we could do.

    So our job was to better secure the property. Young family on a budget needing better security… we did the following:-

    1. Installed proper bolt locks on all windows. You’d be surprised how often these are missing, even on ground floor apartment windows.
    2. Installed a security door on the ground floor balcony which only had a poorly secured glass door.
    3. Checked the deadlocks on the front door and the door mounts to ensure there was not going to be a simple kick the door in entry later on.

    There was a strata title meeting the following week where the members then voted to hire a Surfers Paradise locksmith (Us!) install some basic video monitoring to improve security. We returned and installed cameras in several points, facing down the driveway into the property, at the two entrances, on the ground floor balconies and all apartment entrances.

    My young family clients are sleeping more securely though they are on the lookout for a new apartment off the ground floor. Ground floor apartments are cheap but should be avoided. They get poor natural light, are noisier and are the preferred target of apartment burglars.

    As it turns out an apartment block only two doors down was burgled the following week, and I’m pretty sure it was our boys looking for Mike.