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    These days most modern vehicles come with the added security of a transponder key that prevents the motor being started even if someone manages to “hotwire” your car. The way they work is by have a chip programmed to send the correct, matching signal through you transponder to the Engine Control Unit of your car.

    It’s a great way of securing your car…. But it also leads to unintentional lockouts. Transponders sometimes just stop working. They can get lost. Or they get broken after fall of being stepped on. Getting a “genuine” replacement from your car’s manufacturer is a guarantee of one thing only. You are going to pay far more than you need to, for a device that is no more effective than the quality generic ones we can supply. How can we help?

    Our vans are equipped with a diagnostic equipment which when attached to your vehicles ECU allow us to program a transponder to allow your car to start. We can generally even retrieve information from the ECU needed to make new keys, even if the originals are lost. No more replacing the whole ignition or trying to making a working car key from a broken or bent old key
    All Coast Locksmiths provide auto locksmith services through the Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs. We can get you back inside a locked car, cut new keys on the spot, program transponders – all on the spot, and have you on your way in no time.

    We can cut keys and program transponder for most of the popular makes and models, including:-
    VW (Volkswagon)