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  • A backlane Burglary in Surfers Paradise

    I attended a home after a break in this week on the Gold Coast that was every home security professionals’ worst nightmare. Where to start?

    1. The house itself was on a fairly well trafficked road in terms of both vehicles and pedestrians. It was an easy one to case without a stranger walking down the street looking suspicious and noise from the road helped to mute the sound of the break-in.
    2. The property had a lane at the back that allowed easy access to the rear of the house.
    3. All of the properties that backed onto the lane had 6 foot high fences. Rather than providing any level of security these fences simply acted to obscure the vision of their neighbour’s yards.

    The end result was our burglar was able to freely case the properties on this street to see which houses were vacant at what times of the morning as people went off to work or took children to school.

    After choosing a target our burglar was able to jump the back fence via the laneway safe in the knowledge that he could only be spotted by another person who was walking down the laneway which would happen rarely.

    He used zero finesse to access the property simply kicking in the back door. No lock of any kind could have stopped this kind of breaking though the victim certainly would have done better with a more solid door that was better affixed to the house combined with a security door.

    My hapless client arrived home after a long day at work keen to set up his new Xbox and large screen TV which were sitting unopened in the lounge room since their delivery the evening before. He’d not had time to set them up. Imagine the sinking feeling when he unlocked the front door and walked into the lounge room to see the boxes missing in the back door kicked off its hinges.

    He was pretty gutted but at least was able to see the humorous side of things is one of the games that was stolen was grand theft auto…. A video game known for its drug fueled criminals… this almost certainly being a drug related crime.

    We got the call that an emergency Surfers Paradise locksmith was needed and installed the following solution.

    1. More solid front and back doors and a security door. We managed to arrange this to be done same day
    2. Security screens on all of the windows. This took a little longer, but was finished the following week
    3. Motion activated security system combined with a playable message warning crooks they are under surveillance should they approach the back of the house. Installed within 5 days.

    We also advised our new client to consider changing from a six-foot fence to a barred fence for the back yard. The fence itself wouldn’t stop a burglar and whilst it added privacy to the house it also added privacy for a burglar. In the end the desire for privacy one out and fence was left standing


    This story had a happy ending with the items being listed for sale together on the Internet the day of the burglary. This happens less often than you think because most crooks just aren’t that stupid.

    The local boys in blue posing as prospective buyers attended an apartment to view the items the very next day only six blocks from the victim’s home no able to retrieve the items.

    All’s well that ends well.